The Beyond the Pew Academy is an extension of the ICF accredited, professional coaching certification program offered by Atiras International Coaching Academy. We provide career training and real time marketplace education for faith-based coaches, entrepreneurs, and clergy of all faiths.

Our program is a two day in person intensive that equips our graduates to better serve their clients, parishioners, and the marketplace.  Servant leadership is our chief cornerstone. One of our core philosophies states, “Serve people and people will in return serve you”.

Upon program completion, graduates receive a certificate and a complete small group curriculum. The curriculum provided includes:

10 PowerPoint presentations and instructor workbooks. 





These resources are not to be shared with anyone that has not graduated from this program.  Violators will be prosecuted and face great legal ramifications for violating terms and agreements. Each lesson can be used for bible studies, workshops, and virtual coaching sessions. License privilege are only provided for program graduates.

The Beyond the Pew logo and name are visible on all presentations and are not to be removed. Violators with be prosecuted and face legal ramifications for violating terms and agreements.

  • Goal Setting 

  • Soft Skills

  • Assertiveness and Self Confidence 

  • Improving Mindfulness

  • Communication Strategies 

  • Critical Thinking Skills 

  • Improving Self Awareness

  • Improving Happiness

  • Servant Leadership

  • Taking Initiative

The topics covered include: